10 Photobook recommendations for you

When it comes to getting inspired, photography books can be a great source. From the stories behind the photos to the techniques used to capture them, photography books offer a great starting point for any photographer looking to gain a deeper appreciation of the artform.

From classic books filled with stunning images and essays, to modern volumes that provide technical tutorials and tips, there’s something for everyone when it comes to photography books. Even if you’ve just started, you can find something that will inspire you.

One great way to learn from photography books is to look through the images and read the captions. Pay attention to the composition, the colors and the shapes. You may even find yourself wanting to recreate a certain photo or capture a scene like it. Another way to get inspired is to read the essays or interviews in the book. Not only can you learn about the photographer’s techniques, but you can also gain insight into what motivates them to take photos. This can help you understand your own creative process and how to approach photography.

Lastly, a good photography book can provide an excellent source of inspiration. From stunning landscapes, beautiful portraits, to creative abstracts, there’s something in every book that will spark your imagination.

In this blog article we have collected some books that you might enjoy and find inspiring.

So if you’re looking for inspiration, grab a photography book and get started!

Bird Planet by Tim Laman

Forms of Japan by Michael Kenna

Helmut Newton. SUMO.

There and Back by Jimmy Chin

Bob Willoughby. Audrey Hepburn. Photographs 1953–1966

Annie Leibovitz

GENESIS by Sebastião Salgado

Apollo Remastered by Andy Saunders

En Pointe Photography by Ersen Türkyilmaz

Clark Little: The Art of Waves

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