People Photography

People photography is one of the most popular and difficult genre of photography. Not only has the photographer make sure that the subject is well lit, but also has to get the right composition.

The photographer has to capture the emotions and feelings of the person in a single frame. This can be challenging. In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks to get the perfect shot when it comes to people photography.

  1. One of the most important things is to focus on the eyes and capture emotions on the face. Eyes are the most expressive part of a person’s face. In order to capture emotion in your photos, try focusing on the eyes.
  2. Blurring out background is also a good idea, as it makes the subject stand out more and enhances their expressions. Blurring out background will ensure the viewer’s eye is drawn immediately to the subject, without being distracted by the background.
  3. Use natural light: Natural light makes people more photogenic because it creates soft shadows and highlights.
  4. Take your time to get the light right, if you are working in a sudio. In the studio you are 100% in control of the light. Take your time at the beginning of the shooting to adjust your light settings to get the light right.
Model in studio

5. Talk to your subjects. Find a topic to talk about before or during the shoot. This way your subject will feel more comfortable during the shooting.
Give instructions during the shoot, for example how to pose the hands, the body or the head. And of course, tell your subject how wonderful they look and how beautiful the photos are.

6. Check the shutter speed. If you are going to shoot holding the camera in your hands, than make sure that the shutter speed value is set correctly to avoid possible shake. It states that shutter speed should not be slower than the lens’ focal length. For example, for a 50 mm lens the shutter speed should not be slower than 1/60s.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with light, shadows and angle. The results might surprise you and your subject.

8. Use of props as effect. The use of props in people photography is a great way to add a touch of colour, emotion and interest to the shot. The creative use of props can completely change the nature of the photo.

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